Street Fashion Friday | Red Dress

Hey there lovelies :)

The holidays are among us! I love this time of year. Everyone seems to be more cheery and giving. Even tho working in retail around this time can be a nightmare, I still enjoy the lights, the music, and spending time with the people I love. 

This SFF, I wanted to focus on a BOLD statement. The red dress. Red stands for passion, power, and romance. Not every woman feels like she can pull off a red dress. It’s not for the faint of heart ;) If you feel like a bright red is too much, try a deep red or a pattern. 

Here are some examples to inspire you!


As you can see, you can even pair the red dress of your choice with a leather jacket or fun blazer and boots. Put your own spin on it! Dare to stand out!

Thank you all for reading & I’ll be seeing you again soon :) xoxo

Street Fashion Friday | Rose Gold

Hey there lovelies!

I’ve been catching glimpses of this trend recently. Fashionistas everywhere are stepping out with rose gold jewelry, kicks, and other metallic goodies. Need some examples to get you on the bandwagon? Put on your rose-colored sunnies and follow me…

 I have to admit that this trend is looking better than I thought. I’ve never been a fan of rose gold, but a cute clutch wouldn’t hurt ;)

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Thank you so much for visiting and have an amazing weekend xoxo Until next time!

Street Fashion Friday | Spooky Style

Hey there my lovelies!

Halloween is tomorrow!! This is one of my favorite holidays for sure :) Getting to dress up, be someone different for a night, play with makeup! So much fun!

This SFF inspo is a little short, but here are some spooky, simple, and playful Halloween-esque threads!

 Doesn’t this put you in the spirit?! Love all of this looks even tho some are so different. 

What are you all dressing up as?? Me and my friends are rocking costumes from A League of Their Own. If you haven’t seen that movie, watch it! 

That’s all for now! I hope you all enjoy your weekend and be safe! Until next time ;)


Street Fashion Friday | Sweater Envy

Hello my lovelies!

First off, I’m terribly sorry for being a little MIA on here lately, but I promise there are new and exciting things coming soon! Meanwhile, it’s Street Fashion Friday!

So I’ve been seriously craving some sweater weather. It’s practically still summer here in SoCal. What I wouldn’t give to be snuggled up in a comfy, oversized sweater and boots! I know lots of you are actually experiencing some chilly days, so this SFF is for all the beauties that can wear their chunky knits & those who wish they could. 

Does anyone share in my sweater envy??

I hope that this Fall inspo has put you all in the mood to strut around swimming in cashmere and cotton blends. 

Thank you all so much for reading. I’ll see you all again very soon :) Until next time xoxo

Street Fashion Friday | Booties!

Hey there, lovelies!

Booties are back now that it’s Fall! Whether you’re pairing them with some tights, skinny jeans, or a dress.. you really can’t go wrong! Here is some super stylish inspiration for you all :)

 How amazing are all of these booties?! This is a really great option if it’s still a little warm outside or if you want add a little chic to a simple look. 

How do you wear your booties??

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you all next post :)