Perfectly Posh Sample-fest | Part 1

Hello lovelies!
Yesterday, I received a nifty little package full of Perfectly Posh samples that I can try out just for all of you!!


I got SO many that I can’t possibly review them all at once. So here’s Part 1 of my sample-fest from Perfectly Posh :)

So, I naturally went straight for whatever I could put on my lips. My first sample is called Make-out Magic. Intrigued? You should be.
Make-out Magic is a sugar lip scrub that smells fantastic. Almost like Orange Julius. You simply put a dab on your lips & then rub your lips together or massage your lips with your finger. It seriously has sugar in it, so you can just lick it off when you’re done or wipe it off with a tissue like I did (even tho it really was tasty). And BOOM! Soft lips, ready for the kissin’.

The next sample I picked up was for my hair. It’s called Stare At My Hair Argan Oil Smoothing Hair Serum with Anti-Frizz. Not sure if that is ALL in the actual name… That’s just what it says on the packaging. Looking at my hair, I thought it could use some nourishment. I had never used an Argan Oil before, but I really liked this one. The smell gives off a high-end, salon professional-ish scent. I really enjoyed that. It definitely smoothed my hair nicely, tamed my frizz, & left my hair shiny & soft. I only wish I had more of it!! Here’s a before & after:

I didn’t put any filters on this image so you can get the full effect. My hair is sleeker, the waves are more defined, & it looks healthier overall.

If you would like to buy any of these products or check out what else Perfectly Posh has to offer (which is a lot), follow this link. My Posh consultant, Brandie, really makes you feel special & puts some TLC in every package.

Enjoy until Part 2!!

Review: Perfectly Posh Big Fat Yummy Lips

If you’re a lip gloss lover, you need this pucker-pleaser in your life!

Perfectly Posh:
Big Fat Yummy Lips
Raspberry Bang-Bang

As soon as I glided this gloss on my lips, i noticed it’s delicious raspberry scent. Not that fake fruity smell, but like real raspberries. The next thing I loved was the color. I only put a thin layer on for a nice, kissable, pretty look. Feel free to apply more coats for an even more luscious pout :)

Some other things I loved about this gloss:
– Not sticky!! Hate those glosses that make your mouth a tacky mess that your boyfriend won’t wana kiss. Not this gloss!
– It amazingly matches my nails :)
– It has a sheen to it, so it gives your pucker more punch!
– It lasts! One application (with no smooching or eating, but lots of talking) lasted a couple of hours.
– This product is paraben, paraffin, lanolin, gluten, & soy free.
– Some great & interesting ingredients include shea butter, sunflower, & marshmallow. Why not?!

I hope this review has turned you on to check out the Perfectly Posh website. They have sooo many awesome beauty products to offer. I’m in the process of receiving many more lovely treats from their website.
Click here to explore & shop Perfectly Posh from their best consultant, Brandie Seifert.

Enjoy! Xoxo