Street Fashion Friday | Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day… also known as Singles Awareness Day… either way, we will be looking fabulous! (or we’ll be in a hoodie and sweat pants watching Netflix)

Anyways! For those of you who need a little VDay inspo, take a peek at these fun and flirty looks!

To all the love birds out there, have an amazingly romantic weekend! If you and your sweetheart don’t have anything special planned, just enjoy the time you have together.

To all of those without a Valentine, cheers to the man or woman who will win your heart one day :)

See you next time, lovelies!

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Street Fashion Friday | Capes!

Hey lovelies!
Let’s cut to the chase :) It’s SFF!

One of the MAJOR trends this Fall, ladies, is the cape. Some of you may have super heroes flying through your pretty little head, but this is not that type of cape ;) I was hesitant about this trend at first, but after seeing these amazing street styles, I’m very intrigued. There’s something so chic about this look! Take a peak!

I don’t know about you, but I would definitely feel like super woman wearing one of these lovely pieces!

What do you all think? :)

Until next time!
Stay beautiful, loves.

Street Fashion Friday| Plaid Power

Hey loves!

TGIF! And that means fabulous SFF looks!

This week, we’re working with plaid :) Plaid screams comfy & classic. However, if it’s not styled right, you’re just another plaid shirt in the crowd. Here are some outfits that work with that plaid swag for both men & women!


Inspired for the Fall? I am :)
Display your plaid power by bringing your own flavor to your outfit. Don’t be afraid to mix, match, and make it YOU!

Until next time, gorgeous.

Street Fashion Friday | Cardigan Styling

Hello everyone! It’s SFF yet again!

Today I wanted to highlight beautiful and comfy cardigans! They’re soft, they’re warm, and if you love to layer..they’re your best friend :)

Styling a cardigan is so simple and versatile! You can dress it up or down, go grungy or classy.. It’s a fuss-free staple that everyone (even guys!) need in their wardrobe.

Here are some lovely and stylish ways to flaunt your cardigan this season :)

How easy is that? You can do that ;)

Happy styling, my lovelies!
Until next time :)

Coastal Scents Custom Palette!

Hey lovelies!

I’m so excited about my new Coastal Scents custom palette! These shadow pots are so pigmented and gorgeous. I wanted to share the wonderful colors I got with all of you.

If you follow my Instagram, you saw the first shades I received and then today I debuted my finished palette. Here are the colors I can’t wait to try!

Chocolate Berry
Neon Red
Vintage Burgandy
Sand Dune
Mai Tai
Dark Chocolate
Black Berry
Dark Golden Olive
Reef Coral
Gypsy Stone
Caramel Ice
I gravitated towards the neutrals a bit more because I’m just not a fan of wearing crazy colors on my eyes unless I’m going out (if even then) or doing a photoshoot. I did like those bright coral shades because they’re on the border of bold and neutral and can be blended with neutrals easily.

I have tried a couple of the ones I received a couple weeks ago and I love them. And these pots are so affordable! All you need is a magnetic palette which they sell on the site or you can buy one pretty much wherever online. Definitely recommend!

Hope you all enjoyed this post!
Definitely check out all of the things coastal scents had to offer. I guess you can even make your own custom pigments and stuff. Pretty crazy!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!