Street Fashion Friday | Mini Mayhem

Happy SFF, lovelies!

Who else is absolutely in love with all the A-line minis you’re seeing in stores?? Denim, leather, suede, corduroy… So many options! This modernized look from the early 70s is definitely one of my favorite trends for Fall 2015. 

Here’s a peek into how to style your mini this season. I’ve included some looks with not too many layers for my fellow warm weather ladies. It’s boiling here in Southern Cali 😅 Enjoy!


 I love a look that is so versatile. I just got an A-line mini & I can’t wait to put an outfit together to show on Instagram! Don’t forget to follow! @letstalkprettyblog 

I hope you all have an amazing weekend! Until next time :)

Street Fashion Friday | Sweats

Hey there lovelies!

Yes, sweats. We all love to be comfortable, but still look fabulous. Believe it or not, you can step out of the house in your favorite pair of sweatpants and still look put together. I know some of you may be thinking “Isn’t this a fashion no-no?”, but sporty chic is very in right now. Here are some examples to get your style wheels turning!


 Convinced yet? I personally can’t wait to pair my joggers with a clean tee and leather jacket 😁 I love it!

Hope you all enjoyed this SFF and I’ll see you again soon! 

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Enjoy your weekend! Xoxo

Leather & Lace

Hey gorgeous!

Today, I wanted to give you all some soft, but sexy style inspiration. There’s nothing sweeter than looking like a lady, but adding that extra edge and intrigue. Lace and leather together is an amazing match because it combines feminine and sensual into one chic look.

Check out these ensembles and try to tell me you don’t feel the same!

How fun, feminine, and sexy are these outfits?? Love it. I need to put together a leather & lace look for myself :)

Hope you all enjoyed! If you haven’t checked out my last video post on my June Favorites, please do! Spread the love, subscribe, and all that good stuff :D See you tomorrow!


Street Fashion Friday: Celebrities

We have all looked at celebrities from time to time and thought “They have amazing style”. They can walk down the street on a regular day and look fabulous. Here are some of the top celebrity fashionistas on the go!

What have we learned? As long as you have one piece of your outfit that makes a rockin fashion statement, you can still be comfortable and look glamorous. Thanks celebs!


First of all, if you know where “No one puts Baby in the corner” comes from… I love you.
Second, I’m a sucker for any outfit that involves a comfy tee, skinny jeans/jeggings/whatever, and heels. This outfit is sexy and stylish from her shades down to her hot pink pumps. Simply gorgeous.