July 2014 Favorites!

Good morning, beautiful people! It’s time to say goodbye to July & helloooo to August. I know we’re already in August, but WHATEVS! I’m still so excited to show all of you my new YouTube video for my July Favorites :)

I had a LOT of issues making this video. I won’t go into it, but I was trying some new software and I finally got everything to work. However, my captions for this video ended up being cut off a bit. You’ll see what I mean. I apologize in advance for this. Still getting the hang of my new video software.

I hope you all enjoy this video in spite of that! Here it is! So many great products :)

Thank you for watching! See you all on Monday!

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New Look for LTP!

Hey lovelies!

So the photos from my shoot for Let’s Talk Pretty are finished! Here are a couple shots!

Green dress // Forever 21
Red (in b&w) dress // Necessary Objects
Location // Myrtle Creek Nursery – Fallbrook, CA
Accessories for 2nd look, makeup, & photography provided by LN Couture

I already feel the need to shoot more! More glam!

Please check out all of my other social media pages for more photos and fun! I’ve been posting every day on Instagram, so follow me if you want to see what beauty looks, fashion, and other fabulousness LTP is up to!

Instagram @letstalkprettyblog

Hope you all enjoy the new photos! I also updated my “About” page with a new picture of yours truly ;)
Thank you for stopping by and have an amazing Monday! Keeping smiling!

Perfectly Posh Sample-fest | Part 1

Hello lovelies!
Yesterday, I received a nifty little package full of Perfectly Posh samples that I can try out just for all of you!!


I got SO many that I can’t possibly review them all at once. So here’s Part 1 of my sample-fest from Perfectly Posh :)

So, I naturally went straight for whatever I could put on my lips. My first sample is called Make-out Magic. Intrigued? You should be.
Make-out Magic is a sugar lip scrub that smells fantastic. Almost like Orange Julius. You simply put a dab on your lips & then rub your lips together or massage your lips with your finger. It seriously has sugar in it, so you can just lick it off when you’re done or wipe it off with a tissue like I did (even tho it really was tasty). And BOOM! Soft lips, ready for the kissin’.

The next sample I picked up was for my hair. It’s called Stare At My Hair Argan Oil Smoothing Hair Serum with Anti-Frizz. Not sure if that is ALL in the actual name… That’s just what it says on the packaging. Looking at my hair, I thought it could use some nourishment. I had never used an Argan Oil before, but I really liked this one. The smell gives off a high-end, salon professional-ish scent. I really enjoyed that. It definitely smoothed my hair nicely, tamed my frizz, & left my hair shiny & soft. I only wish I had more of it!! Here’s a before & after:

I didn’t put any filters on this image so you can get the full effect. My hair is sleeker, the waves are more defined, & it looks healthier overall.

If you would like to buy any of these products or check out what else Perfectly Posh has to offer (which is a lot), follow this link. My Posh consultant, Brandie, really makes you feel special & puts some TLC in every package.

Enjoy until Part 2!!

Review: CK Hair Shadow

Hello everyone! Sorry, it was a busy weekend so I didn’t post much, but I’m making it up to you with a super amazing review on this hair “chalk” I tried out. If you like to create funky ‘dos when you go out or just in general, this may just be something for you :)

CK Hair Shadow
Color: Pretty Purple
Bought on Hautelook

When I saw this hair “chalk” online, I loved the vibrant color and the idea of having something fun that I could put in my hair to easily change it up for going out, etc. Plus, it was a good price ($10.50 on Hautelook.com vs. original price of $15).
Now, I put quotes around “chalk” because when I first opened the product, it looked more like a solid wax. As I put it in, I noticed that it was very shimmery… Which I liked :) I also enjoyed the coconut scent. To the touch, it did feel waxy which is kind of a negative for me. Speaking of touch, this stuff will get all over your hands! Since I didn’t get it from the actual brand’s site, it didn’t come with any instructions. After I put it on my hair, I looked it up online (should have done this prior). Under the description, it states to wear gloves during application to avoid staining your skin. Whoops.
This is before & after washing my hands just a few minutes after application.

Here is how the CK Hair Shadow looks in my hair.

Even though I have very dark brown hair, the color still showed up pretty vibrant and nice. The website recommended that those with bleached or porous hair take caution due to the fact that it will take longer to wash out.

After washing out product:
I shampooed my hair as I normally do, and after some towel-drying, I noticed a tiny bit if color and sparkle left in my hair. It would probably be more noticeable if I had lighter hair. I doubt anyone else could even tell. On the site, it says that this product leaves your hair soft and silky after using it. Nope. Btw, my fingers were still slightly tinted pink the next day.

Tips for using this product –
Wear gloves when applying! O.O
After applying, I would wear your hair in a way that you won’t be touching it constantly and it won’t be rubbing on your clothes. (wearing white is probably a no-go)
Wear a robe or put a towel around your shoulders when applying because the product tends to drop tiny bits that can get on your clothes.

Overall assessment:
Pros –
Pleasant coconut scent
Vibrant & shimmering color
Made with macadamia nut oil
Easy application
Comes in many colors
Decent price
Staying Power

Cons –
Somewhat messy application, can stain your skin/clothes/sink
Waxy feel, dries a bit hard
Not very touch-friendly after drying, but not as bad as when first applying
May not wash out completely after showering the first time

Overall, I felt like this product is good for using every once and a while and does the trick. I don’t have any other product like it to compare it to, so you’ll have to be the judge :) Hope this was helpful!

Other colors:
Make Me a Mermaid Green
Feeling Royal Blue
Light Blue
Cotton Candy Pink
Pixie Dust Purple
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