Moisturizer dilemma!

Calling all beauty gurus and supple-faced ladies!

The beauty advisor is asking YOU for advice :) I’ve been using the same moisturizer for years now. I’m sure the majority of you are familiar with Hope in a Jar. It was one of Oprah’s favorites and definitely one of mine. However, I’ve been feeling like my skin is getting too used to it. And it’s expensive!

I’m really interested to know what has worked well for all of you. I do have sensitive skin, so I’m not looking for something with tons of chemicals. Something light definitely for the summer. I’ve been feeling a little greasy lately from the heat :/ Any suggestions??

Thank you all so much in advance! Looking forward to hearing about what products you use and recommend! :)


Review: GlamGlow SuperMud

Hey beauty people!

Hope you all had an amazing weekend. The last few days have been crazy, but awesome :)

Getting back on track today, I decided to share with you my experience with GlamGlow SuperMud Clearing Treatment.

I’ve been seeing reviews and whatnot about this product for a while and it intrigued me to the point where I just had to try it! This usually retails for $69 at Sephora for the 1.2oz size. Since it’s quite expensive (ridiculous actually), I searched for a good deal on EBay. (Can you tell I like EBay? lol) I ended up finding these two .3oz containers for $24.99. Still steep for the size, but that was the best I could do. Let’s move forward to the experience I had, shall we?

Here was my face freshly washed before application. I have a couple scars/imperfections at the moment that I’m hoping to eliminate soon. That’s another reason I was so excited to try this product.

Here’s what the product looks like on my face:

This product has a kind of dull, chalky, minty smell. Hard to explain. Not a bad smell tho, which is good. The consistency is sort of a mixture of smooth & grainy. It has small bits of flaky coal or something in it. I know, this all sounds so scientific :)
What’s interesting (and kind of gross) is that as you have it on, you can start to see the mask absorbing the oil from your pores. You’re only supposed to put a THIN layer on your face. The back if the container actually has “THIN” in all caps. Basically, my T-zone looked super speckled and nasty.. but I guess that shows that it’s literally drawing the oils and dirt from your pores. I took no picture of this haha

Here are some shots of my skin after removing the mask:

You probably have the same reaction as I did. Nothing changed. My skin felt soft, but it also felt soft before the mask. It did feel like my pores had been cleansed and tightened tho. Maybe we should try a side-by-side comparison.

I’m not using the same pictures twice, promise haha I guess I was semi-disappointed with this product. I mean, given that I don’t have crazy unruly skin, maybe the change just isn’t that drastic for me. Or maybe if I used this every once in a while, not just once, I would see more of a difference. My face does feel a tad more glowing. I will say that. Overall tho, I’m not blown away. Will definitely not purchase again for the price that this product is. There are also some other branches of this mask such as ThirstyMud & YoungMud.

Have any of you tried this product or another type from this line? Let me know! I love hearing from you!

Til next time, gorgeous!

PS. UPDATE!!! This made me break out :'(

Review: Deep Down Detox

Hey everyone!
So today I wanted to review a product I’ve been using for a while called Deep Down Detox Ultra-Cleansing Mud Mask.

This mask leaves my face so amazingly clean, my pores always feel smaller, and it seems to speed up blemish elimination. It also has a very light orangey smell. I don’t like masks with a strong smell, but this scent was very nice and mellow. I wish I had taken a before picture, but I only have an after. Here it is!

My complexion is clearer and redness was reduced as well! I love this stuff. Especially if I’m trying to get rid of an annoying blemish, this mask definitely helps speed up the process.

I just purchased GlamGlow Super Mud and I’m super excited to try it! Let me know if any of you have tried it or the Deep Down Detox :) You can purchase this mask at any Ulta store or online.

Have a great day! See you tomorrow for some awesome summer-inspired fashion!

7 Steps to Clearer Skin

We all know that when we feel like our skin is looking especially good, it makes our whole attitude better. Feel more confident and really shine by taking care of your complexion. Here are some things you may need to do to get there.

1. If you wash your face twice a day, you might be going overboard. All of us should be washing our face right before bed to get rid of all the makeup and bacteria that’s accumulated on the surface throughout the day. Unless you were rolling in dirt somehow while you were sleeping, there’s really no reason to wash your face in the morning. If you’re one to sweat a lot while you sleep, try just splashing some water on your face and then patting it dry with a clean towel.

2. Moisturize. When your face is too dry, your skin produces more oils that can clog your pores. Try a good oil-free moisturizer. I use Philosophy: Hope in a Jar.

3. Keep it clean. Always dry off with a fresh towel. After a couple of uses, that towel has collected bacteria that will be transferred back to your freshly-cleaned face/body.

4. Speaking of clean… Washing your pillow case and sheets regularly may help your skin tremendously. Making contact with the sweat and oils from your face, hair, and scalp night after night can definitely take a toll on your face. I recommend washing or switching out your pillow case at least once a week.

5. Pay attention. If you use the same products over and over and you’re still not seeing clearer results, it’s time to switch it up.

6. Exfoliate. Letting your old, dead skin cells build up on the surface of your face and body can cause irritation, flaking, and leave your skin looking dull. Use a face and/or body scrub to give your skin a more healthy, vibrant glow. I use St. Ives Apricot Scrub with Blemish Control 3 times a week.

7. Stop touching your face!
Do you ever realize how much we touch our faces? Everything we touch has germs on it. Then, as we touch other things (including the face!), we transfer those germs. Start to watch how much your hands come in contact with your face. If you’re a face-toucher, break the habit now.

I hope these tips will help your journey to clearer skin. Don’t forget, EVERYONE is different when it comes to what products will work for who. Just because your best friend or I recommend a product, doesn’t mean it will instantly solve your problems. Try out your options and find what’s right for you!