Ipsy Bag Reveal! | August 2014

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So I totally forgot to post my video on here lol I already posted it everywhere else but here. But here it is now! Please watch, enjoy, & subscribe :D

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June 2014 Favorites Video!

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It took forever, but my June Favorites video finally uploaded! Some of the products on here, you’ve already seen my reviews about, but some I haven’t talked about! So tune in, loves!

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Review: BECCA Blush

First of all, SO sorry for not posting in a little while! I’m here with a wonderful new product to review for all you lovelies!

BECCA Mineral Blush – Sweetpea

The color looks different at different angles/lighting, but I ASSURE you, it’s the same blush. I did not use any filters on these photos either.

Let me just tell you all.. I have been so hungry for new products lately, it’s crazy. Maybe it’s because I want to blog about them.. Maybe because I’m getting more obsessed with makeup.. I’m not sure, but I’m going to be posting MORE great product reviews SOON!

Anyways, so I found out about this product from a fellow blogger’s review. I was slightly disappointed because I never got to see the product on a face, so I was still so curious about it. This product retails for $32 at Sephora. First of all, whenever I see products that are expensive like this, I consider it a challenge to find the best deal possible. I ended buying it on EBay for $17. Hell yea!
This blush is described as “rosy plum nude”. It looked darker than I thought it would be at first. It’s definitely a nice, warm blush. Perfect for summer. It has a bit of shimmer, which I like because I feel that it accentuates the shape of the cheek better than a matte blush.
Here is how it looked on me…
Ignore my work shirt please :)
When I first put it on, I thought this shade may be too dark.. but it ended up looking really sultry & giving my face great shape. For a highlighter, I used Smashbox Fusion Soft Lights in Chic Copper on the most prominent points of my cheekbones. This topped off my summery, glowing look.

I absolutely love this blush! The pigment is awesome, the shimmer is not too much.. I can see myself getting more of these blushes in the future. I felt, however, that it was hard to find other shades on EBay. Luckily, I really like this one.

Keep in mind that you really have to know where to look & what to look for when searching online, so be cautious. Make sure you read descriptions carefully, pay attention to how legit photos are, & read the reviews on the sellers.

If any of you have any questions, feel free to ask. If you have used this blush, tell me what you think!

Have a great day, beauty-goers!

Review: Perfectly Posh Big Fat Yummy Lips

If you’re a lip gloss lover, you need this pucker-pleaser in your life!

Perfectly Posh:
Big Fat Yummy Lips
Raspberry Bang-Bang

As soon as I glided this gloss on my lips, i noticed it’s delicious raspberry scent. Not that fake fruity smell, but like real raspberries. The next thing I loved was the color. I only put a thin layer on for a nice, kissable, pretty look. Feel free to apply more coats for an even more luscious pout :)

Some other things I loved about this gloss:
– Not sticky!! Hate those glosses that make your mouth a tacky mess that your boyfriend won’t wana kiss. Not this gloss!
– It amazingly matches my nails :)
– It has a sheen to it, so it gives your pucker more punch!
– It lasts! One application (with no smooching or eating, but lots of talking) lasted a couple of hours.
– This product is paraben, paraffin, lanolin, gluten, & soy free.
– Some great & interesting ingredients include shea butter, sunflower, & marshmallow. Why not?!

I hope this review has turned you on to check out the Perfectly Posh website. They have sooo many awesome beauty products to offer. I’m in the process of receiving many more lovely treats from their website.
Click here to explore & shop Perfectly Posh from their best consultant, Brandie Seifert.

Enjoy! Xoxo