Street Fashion Friday | Bodysuit Babes

Hey there lovelies! TGIF because we’re SFFing it up! 😜

I’ve been seeing a pattern whenever I’m online shopping.. Bodysuits have taken over! But the thing is, I never really know how to wear them. That’s why I’ve come up with some amazing photos showing how a bunch of babes rock this look. 

Let’s take a look…

How hot is this look? I’m definitely going to be pairing my bodysuit with high-waisted shorts and some converse lol or even with a flowing skirt!

How do you wear yours?? Let me know in the comments section :)

Thanks so much for reading & have a fabulous weekend! Xoxo

Street Fashion Friday | Romper Romance

Hey there, lovelies!

Hope you’re enjoying your Friday! The sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, and I still have to work later.. but it’s all good. 

Anyways! It’s SFF! And that means I’m bringing you what’s trending this summer. What’s better than a beautiful and comfortable romper? It keeps you cool while still effortlessly making you look stylish & put together. Going to the restroom becomes a pain in the butt, but it’s worth it! 😋

Right now, we’ve been noticing florals, frills, & other feminine touches in fashion. Especially for rompers. Check out these gorgeous pieces that will woo anyone with a pulse. As well as make you look stunning!

Lace, flowers, eyelets, silk… This look is so versitle!! And looks amazing always. I find myself grabbing a new romper often while shopping lately haha

So glad to share these posts with all of you & I hope you enjoyed! Have a wonderful weekend & see you next time!


Street Fashion Friday | White

Hello there, beautiful people!

There is nothing more clean, crisp, and stylish than a pristine white outfit. As much black that I wear and no matter how much I love it, white just looks amazing. Whether worn casual or formal, it seems to scream class. 

That’s why this week’s SFF is focused on beautifully bright statements of white. 

Take a look at this style inspiration…

My eyes almost can’t handle the amazingness!

The cutouts & eyelets make some of these looks even better. Spring has sprung and summer is next! Time to soak up some vitamin D in a perfectly white midi 😋

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Love you all! Enjoy the weekend!

Street Fashion Friday | Off Shoulder

TGIF, beauties!

The weather is getting warmer which means it’s time to shed those extra layers and show a little skin! Let’s not get too carried away.. Just your shoulders will do for this Street Fashion Friday trend alert :)

I’m sure most of you have been noticing fashionistas and catalogs displaying some bare shoulders lately. Whether you’re going for a boho look or something more clean & classic, this Spring style trend is worth trying. 

Here’s some inspiration!


I feel like this look is sexy, yet classy. Flirty, but not giving too much away. Flaunt those shoulders, ladies!

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Thank you all for reading & have an amazing weekend! Xoxo

Review: Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask

Happy Tuesday, lovelies! It’s gorgeous outside in SoCal :) soaking it up until the rain comes this weekend.

This is my first review in a while! I guess I haven’t been inclined to post one in a bit because I haven’t come across a new product that I fell in love with or totally hated. I’m going to try to post more on here! Promise! There are new and exciting things happening beyond Let’s Talk Pretty, and I’ll be sharing them with you all soon enough ;)

About the product:


This mask is free of any parabens, sulfates, and phthalates (whatever that is). This product is made with active charcoal and white China clay (so fancy). I have been using Origins Night-a-mins oil-free moisturizer and enjoy it, so I thought I’d give one of their masks a try. They have tons of masks to choose from, but the pore-cleansing charcoal mask stood out to me. As something with sensitive and temperamental skin, I wanted to make sure that it wouldn’t make my skin freak out. With over 2000 reviews and 4.5 out of 5 stars on Sephora, I thought it would be a good choice.

The process:

The instructions on the container say to cleanse your face and then open up your pores with a warm towel prior to applying the mask. I took the lazy route and just splashed my face with warm water after cleansing and sort of held my warm palms against my face for a couple seconds at a time. Then I dabbed my face dry with a towel before applying.

The instructions then say to layer on the mask, let dry, then rinse off. They do not give you an amount of minutes you should have the mask on. I suppose it would depend on how thick you applied the mask. I applied the mask with one layer and then touched it up with another layer. With clay masks, you don’t want to leave them on too long because they will start to draw out the natural oils in your skin. When it had fully dried (it was VERY tight & I couldn’t move my face at all), I rinsed it with warm water and patted dry.


After drying my face, my pores felt so tight (in a good way!).. My face had a very nice glow and my skin was squeaky clean and shiny! I applied my usual moisturizer afterwards. This morning, it seems that my my face is still feeling refreshed and my acne marks have reduced a lot. This mask is great too if you’re trying to dry up a pimple!

In conclusion, I would definitely recommend this product! Like I said before, I have sensitive skin and it still worked amazing for me because it has natural clay ingredients. I found mine on (because I love getting the samples), but they also have the product on the Origins website :)

Thank you all so much for reading! Tell me about another mask you really enjoyed in the comments!

Take care everyone! Xoxo