Street Fashion Friday | Back to School

Hello there, lovelies!

Can I just tell you how hot it is in SoCal? Yikes. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and not melting away! 

It’s about that time of year.. Going back to school for some of you. Whether it be high school or college (anyone younger than that on here?), back to school shopping has begun! Any excuse to get a new outfit, right?

This SFF, I decided to include lots of cute & stylish backpacks into the mix because there are so many chic ones out right now! Feast your eyes, babes…

I’m not even in school, and I feel like I need to shop now haha

I think I might have to do a post highlighting all kinds of stylish backpacks & where you can get them! Comment on this post if you would like to see that 👍🏼

Thanks so much for visiting my blog & I hope everyone has a fantastic Friday! Enjoy the weekend & see you next time! 

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