Hit or Miss: The Golden Globes 2016

Hello everyone!

Who tuned in for The Golden Globes?? There were some seriously gorgeous looks on the red carpet and also some disappointing ones. I wanted to share my thoughts on some of the fabulous and some not so fab ensembles. Let’s take a peek!

Jennifer Lawrence 

This is a beautiful color on J.Law; however, I’m not so keen on this silhouette. It’s a lovely fit and adds some appeal where you can see skin, but I’m just not crazy about it. I also felt like the accessories could have had a little more bang for this bold look. I’m going to have to hesitantly saw that this was a miss :/

Amy Schumer 

This is a lovely and sophisticated look for Schumer! The black and white is classic and so is her hair and makeup. Due to the heaviness of this gown, minimal jewelry was the perfect choice. The cut in the bodice of the dress gives a slimming effect that flatters her nicely. This is definitely a HIT!

Kirsten Dunst 

I thought that this ensemble was stunning on Kirsten. This dress, the makeup, hair, accessories.. Everything is in sync. Just the right amount of skin without revealing too much. She is looking amazing as ever! This is a HIT, no doubt. 

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley  

This woman looks like she rolled out of bed, jumped into this gown, and headed straight to the red carpet.. And it looks breathtaking! Rosie is effortlessly flawless. Her natural hair and makeup is a great contrast with all of the sparkle in her dress. She is glowing all over! HIT. Hands down. 

Eva Longoria  

I really wanted to love this look. I just couldn’t get passed all of the elements. The two bows, the flowers, all the beading and textures just don’t seem to work in harmony. Her hair and make is classic Eva and I love the shows, but everything in between isn’t meshing well. Going to have to call this a MISS.

Giuliana Rancic 

There’s no denying that Rancic looks gorgeous here. Her hair and makeup is my favorite part. I can’t put my finger on it, but I’m not crazy in love with this dress. I’m not sure if it’s the cut or the color.. It’s still a beautiful look tho! Definitely on my HIT list :)

Melissa McCarthy 

I’m having mixed feelings about this look. I’m loving the tousled curls and rosy cheeks and lips, but the dress is a little too slick for my taste. The shiny dress, sparkly clutch, large bauble on her necklace.. May be a little overkill. Even tho I love her so much, I’m leaning more towards MISS :(

Emmy Rossum  

I absolutely love Emmy Rossum! That’s why it pains me to say that I’m not a big fan of this look. All this dress is doing is emphasizing her hips, but stops at an awkward spot above her bust. Her makeup could also have had a little more va-voom. That necklace; however, is stunning. I hate to say it, but this is a MISS in my opinion. 

Rachel McAdams 

McAdams is always beautiful no matter what, but this look is one of my favorites. The cut and the pattern of this gown work so well together. Her makeup and hair are perfectly polished to balance the ensemble nicely. A HIT? I think so!


Ugh. Why, Zendaya? From the waist up, this dress has potential. Beneath that, it looks like a Christmas tree made out of grandmas old table cloth. The shape and the weight of the skirt is just bad. The earrings are not a good match either. Hopefully, this is a lesson learned. MISS.

Malin Akerman 

Love love LOVE! This is the perfect sillohette for Akerman. The fabric on this dress is gorgeous as well. I really enjoy the movement that the peplum adds. From head to toe, this is a HIT!

America Ferrera 

I think Ferrera could have done better. This look reminds me of a figure skating outfit. Especially with the tight bun. Some flowing waves would have balanced the whole ensemble a bit better. Also, the color isn’t the most flattering for her. With her semi-fair skin, I think a deeper shade would have hit the mark. Overall, I’d saw MISS.

Katy Perry 

Frankly, I really like this dress on Perry. Her makeup is also lovely. Maybe it’s just this photo, but she’s just missing a certain flair. Something isn’t right here. Does anyone else feel this way? But as a whole, I’d say this look is a HIT :)

Jenna Dewan Tatum  
This was a popular color for the Globes this year. And Jenna wears is beautifully! The cut of this dress is perfection. The pattern and sparkle make her stand out from the rest. This was one of my top picks. Now if only she’ll share her hubby with me (hehe) A HIT for sure!

Jane Fonda  

Sigh. I’m sorry, Jane, but I just don’t get this dress. There are 3 different shades of white going on and none of them look good together. Also, there’s a skirt around her neck and shoulders. The hair and makeup are nice, but the rest is just a big MISS. 

Jennifer Lopez  

J.Lo! Gorgeous as always. This dress is sophisticated and sexy. Her skin is glowing as always. Sweeping fabric, sparking accessories, and deep red glossy lips are a winning combination. Some people seem to be hating on the color of her gown, but I think she pulls it off with little effort. Glow on, girl. HIT!

I hope you all enjoyed these looks, bad or not. Or at least enjoyed the commentary :) What are your opinions? Was there a look that you loved that I didn’t mention? Or maybe that you hated? Leave a comment!

Have a wonderful Monday, lovelies! See you next time! Xoxo

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