Hit or Miss | 2015 VMAs Red Carpet

Hey there lovelies! First off, thank you for tuning in on this wonderful Monday :) Hope you’re all starting off the week right!

Let’s cut to the VMAs last night. Who watched✋🏼? I actually did not watch the entire thing 🙊 I didn’t have it set to record &, honestly, the whole thing turned out to be bit much anyway lol However, I dug my way through the fashion of the night right away. I must say, I was a little underwhelmed. Anyone else felt/feel this way?? 

Here are some of the celebrity ensembles from last night. Some fab, some fun, and some questionable. 

  Chrissy Teigen: Wifey of John Legend HIT the mark in this black Marchesa gown with stone embellishments. The sheerness of the dress is both soft & sultry. Paired with simple makeup & an effortless updo, she is flawless. 

  Karlie Kloss: This was a huge MISS in my opinion for Kloss. With the exception of side-boob, everything about this look is flat. I’m not saying that she has to show every curve; however, this Louis Vuitton dress does nothing for this beauty. 
  Britney Spears: There’s no doubt that Spears is looking fit & beautiful as always. Buuuuut does anyone else feel like she seems a little robotic? Also, this Labourjoisie dress is a tad reminiscent of a look we’ve seen before? Personally, I would love to see this pop princess in a gown for a change. I know minis are kind of her thing, AND it’s the VMAs, but that’s just me :) Can’t really classify this as a hit or miss. Keep on keeping on, Britney. 
  Vanessa Hudgens: Miss Hudgens stays true to her boho style with this Naeem Khan organza gown. Although this dress has a plunging neckline & ornate details, she dresses it down with braids & long, wavy locks. Keeping with the festival-inspired theme, she layers tons of gold & stone accessories. This look is a total HIT!
  Miley Cyrus: …. I literally can’t even.
  Rita Ora: I’m going to have to say HIT for this one. This edgy, yet whimsical custom made gown was designed by Vera Wang with shoes by Staurt Weitzman. Some are saying that this dress has too much going on, but with her slicked back ‘do & strappy heels, I say she’s a stunner.
  Kylie Jenner: This is another look to add to the HIT list. Kylie shows some leg in her micro-mini Balmain dress. I’m loving that the rest of this outfit leaves her fairly covered. Her silky-smooth hair & bangs seem to reflect a modern Betty Page. Classic, but her makeup gives that signature Kylie vibe. Winning combination. 
  Kim Kardashian & Kanye West: Might as well follow Kylie’s look with her big sister, Kim. Too bad that these two are on my MISS list. Another neutral combination, yet not as successful. Kanye is basically just a mess in this outfit. There’s no better way to say it. I get that he’s a minimalist, but he looks as if he woke up & suddenly decided to attended the VMAs. Kim, like her younger sister, is dressed in Balmain. This caramel, lace-up dress is baby bump friendly, but not figure friendly. The large cargo pockets on her hips exaggerate their wideness & the top of the dress leaves no support for her chest. This is one of the more flattering angles of this dress as well. Sorry, Kimye. Thumbs down. 

 Emily Ratajkowski: I was a bit torn about this outfit. The more I stared, the more I felt like it completely distracted from her gorgeous face. This Altuzarra dress is SO busy already, but then to add the Aristo over-the-knee laced boots.. I’m not sure if this is edgy & strong or just cluttered. Luckily, she is wearing simple makeup, hair, & accessories to balance everything out. Does it really tho? I’m still stumped on this one. I’ve noticed that Emily tends to lean more towards dark or edgy looks, so it would have been nice her see her in a pop of color. 

  Lily Aldridge: This Angel floated her way right onto my HIT list in this sexy yet classy Alaxandre Vauthier Haute Couture gown. Lily is looking flawless & elegant with understated hair & makeup. Her plunging neckline adds some edge to this sleek ensemble. 

  Nicki Minaj: *sigh* I have so much to say about this gown, but I’d rather just say MISS!

  Selena Gomez: I would love to have left the best for last, but sadly, there were slim pickings. This was another look from last night that I was on the fence about. I absolutely love Selena. She’s a doll & a smart girl. I enjoy the subtle sparkle of this Calvin Klein dress with the leather zipper accent. However, I feel it’s a bit too simple. In addition, under the lights of the red carpet, poor Selena’s “pedals” were exposed through the more-than-expected sheerness of her gown. Fortunately, she was able to make a wardrobe change…

  Selena continued to enjoy the event & dance the night away in a fun LBD with zippered slits on both sides. I’m going to put her on the HIT list due to her overall good taste & resilience throughout the evening. 
What was your favorite look?? Is there anyone’s outfit that you felt was a HIT that I didn’t include? Which of Selena’s outfits did you like better? Leave a comment & share your thoughts!

I hope everyone has an amazing week & I’ll see you Friday for your weekly dose of trending fashion! Bye, beauties! 💜

6 thoughts on “Hit or Miss | 2015 VMAs Red Carpet

  1. I had Karlie Kloss on my best dressed list, but the picture I have/saw of her is from a different angle and much more flattering! I’m the same page as you about many of the other looks though! Especially Miley (I don’t know what that was) and I thought Britney’s was a little too costume-y looking.


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