Street Fashion Friday | Warm Weather Work Looks

Hello my lovelies!

Hope everyone is looking forward to an amazingly sunny and fun weekend! Especially those who have it off (me not included ๐Ÿ˜). 

Since the sun is blazing right now, I thought I’d make this SFF all about dressing for the heat in the work place. Here are some quick tips:

  1. Keep it light – Not only do I mean wear lighter fabrics or fabrics that breathe like cotton, but maybe stray from the classic (and sometimes just blah) black slacks or dress. I’m all about black, don’t get me wrong; however, this season is totally appropriate for whites and brights! Mix it up. Maybe throw in a floral pattern!
  2. Let it flow – Trade in those slacks for a skirt! Or better yet, a dress! Or possibly some culottes? Just be sure that the length of your garments are work appropriate. 
  3. Add a layer – I know what you’re thinking.. Aren’t we trying to avoid the heat? Won’t layers do the opposite? In my opinion, it’s always nice to have a layer. This way, you can have a blazer, sweater, etc. for when you work in your possibly freezing office. It also can bring your outfit together to make it look more professional. When you’re outside of work, you have the option to remove this item. 

Finally, here is some style inspiration for all of you girl bosses ;)


I enjoy these looks so much!! Oh, the chicness ๐Ÿ˜ I hope these have inspired you as well. Now go run the world! After the weekend of course ;)

Until next time, fashionistas! 

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