Street Fashion Friday | Dad Style

Hello my wonderful readers! Hope you all are ready for a fantastic weekend :) 

Since Father’s Day is Sunday, I thought I would focus on mens fashion this SFF. I’ve collected some style inspiration for all of the men out there (daddy or not). Whether you’re going out for a relaxing getaway, Father’s Day brunch, or just want to look good (I’m sure the ladies won’t complain).. There’s something in this post for you! Let’s jump right in!


Now I’d like to represent for some of the most stylish celebrity dads. Hands down, David Beckham takes the crown. You’ll see him featured more than any other celeb father (partly because there are more photos available of him lol). 

Even though they’re on the go, these dapper dads make an effort (and make it look effortless) to look put together. 



How adorable are these super dads with their kids?! 

Well boys, there’s your style inspo for the week. I hope all of you fathers (if you’re even reading this) have a fun-filled weekend full of love!

Until next time! :)

4 thoughts on “Street Fashion Friday | Dad Style

  1. Men’s fashion is amazing to me. So is women’s fashion but y’all are born fashionable. Lol Men almost have to be bred for it. Taught it growing up. Once it’s ingrained though, you can basically pull off anything. Fashion in general is not just a culture it’s a way of life.


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