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Hey there lovelies!

Have any of you heard of or use Rocksbox??

This subscription box is amazing! In a nutshell, they send you a box of chic designer accessories every month to wear as you please. Then, at the end of the month (or sooner if you’d like), you send it back in for a new box! Who wouldn’t want an endless supply of bling whenever they want? 

Let’s say you absolutely love one of the pieces in the box? Simply keep it, and they will charge you for it :) All the pricing and info is sent with you in your Rocksbox, so there are no surprises! 

Once you sign up, you take a quick survey so they get a feel for your style, and boom! Awesome accessories every month :) You can even specifically select jewels that you want to get in your box!

Here’s the kicker!! 

I have a wonderful little code for my followers! When signing up, enter letstalkprettyxoxo as your promocode and get your first month for FREE! This code is only good for 30 days, so don’t miss out! After that time, the code will be worth 50% off your first box :)

Look at what I got my first month!

I actually hand selected (or clicked?) those earrings, and then they sent me two other pieces that match my style to pair with them :)

What are you waiting for?! And don’t forget the code for your FREE box!

Let me know if you have any questions! See you all next time xoxo

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