OOTD & Beauty Reviews!

Sooo I usually only do one product review or ootd at once, but I’m so jazzed about it all that I just can’t wait!

Let’s start with today’s ensemble :)
I’m a big fan of wearing comfy & casual clothing, but dressing it up. One of my favorite things to do lately is wear a loose-fitting, super soft top with my skinny jeans. Top it off with some awesome jewelry, and you have a stylish outfit!
Here’s what I put together…

Top, necklace, & earrings – Forever 21
Jeans – PacSun
Ring – Nordstrom
I’m also wearing some black gladiator sandals with gold accents that I didn’t get a picture of because I need a pedicure hehe
Btw I love this top! It’s so amazingly soft & comfy!

Now on to the makeup reviews!

The first product I would like to talk about is my new MAC lipstick. I have never owned a MAC lipstick before, but I was feeling daring & wanted to treat myself :) I wanted a shade that I could use for every occasion, and I FOUND IT! It’s called “Grande Dame” and it has a rosey pink, very feminine, but not crazy bright or dark color. I think this is the absolute perfect lip shade for me.

This lipstick also feels AMAZING on. Very silky & moisturizing. Not sticky or chalky at all. And I MUST mention the fact that the tube has a magnetic closure. Do all the MAC lipsticks have this?? Love it.

For my second & last product of the day (which I’m so excited about) I have Too Faced’s Chocolate Soleil bronzer. I was in Sephora, bought an eyeliner, had enough Beauty Insider points to get a delux sample, so I chose this one because I knew it was new. (And why not?!)
I was very impressed with this product. First of all, it smells like cocoa! This is of course because it’s infused with cocoa powder. SAY WHAT?! …yep. Pretty awesome. Love the shade & texture. Felt almost creamy when I put it on…. but not? It’s just very smooth haha A must-try!

Here’s a close-up of both of the products together…

That’s all for today!! Hope all of you lovelies enjoyed :) Until tomorrow.. Have a great day!

Me & Daisy

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