I’m fricking-fracking excited that I have now signed up for Ipsy!

For those who don’t know, Ipsy was created by one of the very best & most popular beauty vloggers, Michelle Phan. It is one of those awesome subscriptions where you pay a certain amount (only $10!!!) a month, and then you receive makeup & beauty supplies every month! What’s extra kool is that they give you a little quiz when you sign up that will tell them what skin & hair types you have as well as your personal style etc. so that they can personalize your bags.

However, I’m on the waiting list. They are just so awesome that there’s a waiting list! Has anyone else signed up and are on the waiting list or are now subscribed? How long did it take to get off this dreaded list?? This is torture lol

If any of you lovelies would like to sign up (and you should because it’s a crazy good deal), please use this link! This will give me credit and hopefully get me off the waiting list so I can start getting products & start reviewing them for you!! Not to mention, will give YOU amazing name brand goodies as well!

Let me know about your experiences with Ipsy! Join me in my Ipsy adventure!
Have an amazing day, beauty-goers!

3 thoughts on “*IPSY*

  1. Hi Kate! I hope you get off the waiting list soon, I just recently joined Ipsy as well, and I love it. I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award, so if you have a chance, please check it out!


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