For your SANITY’S sake, don’t shop at this online boutique!!

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s start at the beginning. claims to be the “leading global online wholesale supplier” of all kinds of clothes, accessories, etc. I heard about Sammy Dress from a fellow blogger. She showed pictures of the items she purchased and the prices were unbelievably low. Being the frugal fashionista I am, I had to check this out. At first, it was a dream come true. A bikini for $11? Cute heels for $18? Yes please! I wasn’t excited about the shipping cost, but you can’t really expect cheap shipping overseas. This is a Asian-based company. Knowing that, I knew the sizing would be a bit off. Asian clothing naturally runs smaller. THESE are not the kinds of problems that made me shun this website for life…

I ordered three items from this website. I read on the processing and shipping page that it can take up to 10 days just for processing. I noticed that after two weeks or so, the order was still processing. I contacted customer service to see if there was a delay, and then they told me that one of my items was “off the shelf” and one was “out of stock” and that it would be restocked in a month. Meaning, they didn’t even carry one of the items anymore. I said I would wait for the out of stock item, and had to pick a replacement for the other. Seemed simple enough.. just pick out an item to take its place. WRONG. When I did so, they said that that item was out of stock as well. I tried picking another item.. that item was out of stock. I picked two more items this time just in case one was out of stock.. They said they were both out of stock!! Finally I told them that I just want them to cancel my order. This was the most frustrating transaction I have ever had with an online purchase. WHY would you have an item on your website if you don’t carry it anymore? WHY don’t you state on the item that it’s “Out of Stock” so that people will avoid purchasing an item that you don’t have?? Most companies would at least give you a discount or something for the trouble.. Nothing. Never again!

So… all I’m trying to do is save some of you deal-seeking lovelies the trouble. If you have had a different experience with this company, please let me know. If you have, I’m glad.. because mine was awful. All I wanted was some cute garments for less :(

Know any awesome wholesalers/retailers that have chic clothes for a good price? Let me know about that too ;)

2 thoughts on “Review:

  1. Thanks for sharing your experience :). I bought a few items from Sammydress (through their eBay store) just over a year ago, I was careful of sizing, etc & received my items about 5 weeks later (shipped to Australia). You definitely get what you pay for – the fabric was sub-standard: way too thin and many of the seams were unfinished. I was afraid if I bent over or caught a snag, the garment would rip off like so many Porky’s movies. I wouldn’t recommend the site to anyone. While it looks great, and the clothes present beautifully in the pictures, they aren’t built to last (and you may need to wear something underneath as their main stock of fabric seems to be chiffon). It’s not fashion on a budget, just fancy looking dusting rags.


    1. For real! I figured that would be the case. I’ve bought clothes on eBay for cheap from China and it’s all the same. Doesn’t fit right and is poorly made. No good. Glad is wasn’t just me!


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