Review: La Fresh Travel Lite Makeup Remover Wipe

La Fresh – Travel Lite
Makeup Remover Wipe

I got this wipe in a beauty bag I ordered from I had just modeled in a fashion show and needed some serious bad makeup damage control, so I decided to give this wipe a test drive. This is what I looked like with all my makeup on (brace yourself)…

Hope you’re not too scared to see more. It will get easier to watch. Here is after removing half of my makeup with the La Fresh wipe…

Awesome, right?? Didn’t take long at all for the wipe to break down the makeup and leave my face nice & clean. Now, here’s after removing all makeup…

Back to normal!
This wipe didn’t leave any makeup behind, nor did I feel oily like some removers leave you. My skin felt soft and not like it was striping my face of moisture either. I even woke up with my skin feeling refreshed! I wish I would have had more than one! Definitely recommend for an on-the-go makeup remover! :)


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