Review: Benefit *Big Easy*

Hey everyone! :D
So I came across this sample as I was checking out of Sephora (been wracking up points and waiting for the right intriguing sample to try hehehe)
I decided to give this one a shot and share it with you all :)

Benefit *Better Than BB* Big Easy

What it is: (as stated on the package)
Big Easy contains ingredients known to help balance moisture & control oil. The cushiony liquid to powder formula self adjusts to your exact shade to even out skintone & conceal imperfections.

This oil-free cream to powder is very easy to apply. It blends into your skin and automatically adjusts to your skin tone. AND it has SPF 35! Here is my before & after (don’t judge. It was a blotchy day haha)

It really evened out the redness in my face as you can see in the photo and it feels and looks very smooth. I feel like it even makes my face look thinner! I’m used to using a mineral foundation on my skin so it was a little weird at first seeing my face with such full coverage, but I really like how it makes my skin look and especially after the minor touchups that I did, I feel like my skin looks flawless. Here is my makeup after just a bit of concealer, blush, brows, liner, & mascara.

This is the perfect thing to put on your face right before you go to the beach because it gives you coverage but still protects you from the harsh rays. I’m really sad that I only got a sample size of this product because I love the way it looks and feels! Even after going to the gym and wearing it all day, my face looked and felt matte and lovely :) However, CAUTION to people with dry, flakey skin! I had some oily patches and dry patches on my face and the dry parts did stand out a bit. I would recommend exfoliating and/or moisturizing prior to applying if you tend to have a dry complexion.

Overall, I love this product! It feels light on my face (not like some of those other cake-y cream to “powder” formulas), looks smooth, and evens out redness while removing that pesky oily shine. I would definitely encourage others to try it :) Get your beauty on!

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