Review: Dr Denese Glow Younger Bronzing Glow Drops

I’ve used other Dr Denese products before and I’ve always loved them. This product definitely intrigued me since it’s not only a bronzing serum, but anti-aging skincare as well.

What is it: Glow Younger Bronzing Glow Drops are the perfect combination of a gorgeous, natural-looking, glowing self tanner delivered in an anti-aging serum. The lightweight serum imparts a summer glow and a beautifully sun-kissed complexion.

While using: These drops have a syrup-like consistency (like a, duh, serum). The scent is very light and not too chemically. It does have a slight instant tanner-y aroma. As you rub it in, it almost feels like you’re rubbing a face wash on your face without water. Then, it quickly clings to the surface of your skin. I used a couple of drops for my forehead, a couple for my cheeks and nose, and again for the rest of my face to make sure I had it all coated. When you’re waiting the 15 minutes, it feels almost like you have one of those peel-off masks on your face.

After using: All the directions say on the bottle and online are “follow with your usual skin care” or “your nightly routine”. Not sure if this means wash my face again, but I washed my face before applying… so I just moisturized after the 15 minutes were over, and my face felt hydrated and smooth. I have to admit, I took these pictures on two separate days, but I figured my face wouldn’t change that much within a couple days. Here is my before and after:

I took these with no makeup on so that you guys could get the full effect. It appears that my skin tone is definitely more even after applying the serum. I’m not sure if it’s apparent in the photos, but looking in the mirror, I can definitely see a slight tan glow on my skin. It’s recommended that you use this product each day to gradually build and maintain your tan. I have very fair skin, so it probably doesn’t show instant total bronze results on me. Overall, I’m happy with the outcome. It was easy to use, doesn’t take long to show effects, and I don’t have to sacrifice any of my normal skincare routine. And on top of that, my skin feels and looks smooth and silky! I’m feeling the glow of the amazing Dr Denese Bronzing Glow Drops :) BTW, after waking up this morning, my face felt so flawless and rejuvenated! Would definitely recommend this product and I’m looking forward to trying it on my neck and chest as well!

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