Review: Dry Shampoos

Everyone has those days where their hair is limp, lifeless, and a little greasy. Luckily, for those second-day locks, there is dry shampoo :)
I personally love this stuff. My hair tends to get tired and lay flat a lot. Especially after being slept on all night and collecting oils throughout the night.

To use your dry shampoo, it’s usually recommended that you spray about 30cm from your hair (just a tad closer than you would spray hair spray). After that, wait a couple minutes (maybe do some makeup in between) to let the product absorb the oils. Then rub scalp and fluff hair.

Here are some dry shampoos that I have tested out. In the photos, I show you a before, when sprayed, and after rubbing the product in. Sorry for the crappy lighting!

Tresemmé FreshStart
Find this at any drugstore. Price varies $3-$5

Smells great (my bf loves it)
Works well
Gives awesome volume

White chalky appearance, easier to notice even after rubbing in sometimes BUT I have recently seen a translucent formula that I have not tried yet :)

Batiste – Cool & Crisp Fresh $7.99

Fresh, clean scent
Not as chalky
Leaves hair soft & dry (in a good way)

Not carried locally, online only
Not as much volume

Not Your Mother’s – Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo
Walmart $4.74

Not too chalky
Gives volume
Bigger size for your money

Smell is not so pretty
Hope this was helpful! Overall, these are all great dry shampoos for a totally affordable price. Go find which one works for you!

2 thoughts on “Review: Dry Shampoos

  1. I love the Batiste ones! I get them and Urban Outfitters and they have a ton of “flavors.” I got a little sampler pack that came with 3 travel size ones so I could see which smell I liked best. They even have two with blonde and brunette tints which was great when I needed a root touch up.


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