Wear your boyfriend jeans like a lady

We all love boyfriend jeans because they’re so comfy. Who wants to be in skin-tight jeans every day? (Well maybe some of us do ;) ) Some of us avoid baggy jeans because we’re afraid to look frumpy or boyish. Well here are some ways to proudly strut your slouchy jeans and still look sexy!
Slouchy meets Structured-
Tuck your tee in your jeans, belt it, then throw on a fitted jacket or blazer. Step into some metallic heels and you’re golden!

Knits and Tears-
Throw on a bulky sweater and tuck in just the front. This still let’s you keep some shape without looking overwhelmed by your clothes. Don’t forget the stilettos! Heels elongate your legs and add a feminine flare.

Pop of Color-
Add some bright colors! Break out the statement necklaces and neon pumps. It’s almost Spring after all!

I hope this helps you all coordinate your stylish boyfriend jean outfits. Have fun with it!

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